15% Discount on Massage and Reiki to LBD clients.

Here at LDB we love people with Talent! One our special clients here at Little Big Door, Avril owns her own Massage and Reiki business and wanted to share this special offer only available to LBD clients.


If  you want to experience a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling relaxed refreshed and energised , or if you are experience muscle fatigue and aches and pains, I can apply a deeper pressure massage, that will release the toxins, increase blood circulation and help with those aches and pains, and  relieve stress , leaving you  with a high level  of energy and a sense of well being.  Or why not  experience a Reiki Treatment that balances your physical, mental and spiritual levels within your body leaving your body in a harmonies, relax state , that will condition the body to heal its self and  gives you a sense of well being also.. I also offer  Animal Reiki . ( see website for more information)
I also offer  Angel card Readings( no fee but a donation is welcomed.)
So come on contact me  now, to get your self a lovely treatment, whilst knowing   you have the added  bonus of the  15% discount.
I send  Reiki Healing to all.


Best Wishes from

Avril at Hartridge Hands

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