• Name:   M Christie
  • Age:   39
  • Gender:   Male
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   183cm/6ft
  • Chest Size:   46.0
  • Waist Size:   34.0
  • Hair Colour / Type:   Bald
  • Eye Colour:   Dark Brown


They say life begins at 40,
I’m trying to better that at 39.
I am an aspiring model, dreams come true and hopefully I wont be aspiring for too long.
By trade I am an English Lecturer, the creativity words can bring; in my spare time I find solace, inspiration and freedom in the gym.

I love to sing, read and I love academia, I love my fitness and my French bulldogs but most of all I love being a dad to my two sons.

Right now I want to be a model, I want that shot that eludes most people, I want to work hard, learn and achieve – don’t we all

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