• Name:   Pavel Slonka
  • Age:   43
  • Gender:   Male
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   183cm/6ft
  • Chest Size:   42.5
  • Waist Size:   32.0
  • Hair Colour / Type:   Brown
  • Eye Colour:   Light Grey


I am from Czech Republic.
I am a qualified fitness coach.
I have been in London since 2005.
My lifestyle goes in the active direction because I am sporting that I am a more statist and mentally strong. I have always lived a very active personal, confident, enthusiastic, affirmative life.
I want to inspire people for fitness and active lifestyle. In the past I excelled in karate, ice hockey, athletics and gymnastics.
I travel in future and I want to spend some time on the Cube,
There are beautiful photos and videos for modeling, and I’ll show you in front of the camera.
From the Cubes I can see strong energy and I love sexy dancing.
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