Here’s an update about what we have been working on at Little Big Door – 19 September 2020

Hi everyone,

Just an update on the projects we have been involved with over the last week to keep you in the loop.

This is what we have been working on this past week including Film, TV, Extra etc.

  • Morrison’s X mas commercial
  • Argos Christmas commercial
  • Coke Christmas commercial
  • Terry’s chocolate orange commercial
  • Puma shoot
  • Coral commercial
  • John Frieda shoot
  • Pepsi Shoot
  • Fila shoot
  • Nike shoot
  • GSK commercial
  • Lacoste shoot
  • Western union Commercial
  • Hive commercial
  • Domino’s pizza commercial
  • John Lewis commercial
  • Tesco’s commercial
  • Ray James tv
  • McDonalds commercial
  • Nintendo Switch commercial
  • NHS commercial
  • British Red Cross commercial
  • Top boy season 2 TV
  • Three mobile commercial
  • Sex education season 3 TV
  • Pennyworth season 2 TV
  • SKY replay commercial
  • Playstation game role
  • Corbra season 2 TV
  • I saw it first shoot
  • Startbucks commercial

Kind regards,
Head of casting


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