Here’s an update about what we have been working on at Little Big Door – 4 July 2020

Hi everyone,

Just an update on the projects we have been involved with over the last week to keep you in the loop.

This is what we have been working on this past week including Film, TV, Extra etc.

  • All The Way
  • Maersk – Corporate Film (Corporate)
  • Elvis Presley Biopic (Television)
  • Hyundai (Commercial)
  • Mini Cheddars (Still Photography)
  • Pokemon Game (Internet)
  • Rightmove (Commercial)
  • Samsung (Commercial)
  • The Beginning And End of Everything – Short Romantic Comedy (Short Film)
  • Venicephrenia (Feature Film)
  • VW (Commercial)
  • Nivea Cream (Commercail)
  • Élite – Season 4 (Television)

Kind regards,
Head of casting


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