Here’s an update about what we have been working on at Little Big Door – 7 December 2019

Hi everyone,

Just an update on the projects we have been involved with over the last week to keep you in the loop.

This is what we have been working on this past week

  • Activia International (Danone) (Commercial)
  • Aldi “The Swap”
  • BRAVE NEW WORLD (Television)
  • BT – (Commercial)
  • CARTE D’OR (Commercial)
  • CIF PINK – ‘INNER PEACE’ (Commercial)
  • Emirates (Commercial)
  • FACE DOWN (Feature Film)
  • Gala Bingo (Commercial)
  • HEINEKEN SILVER (Commercial)
  • INDEED (Commercial)
  • INTERGALACTIC (Television)
  • Jacobs Barista (Commercial)
  • Just Eat – Sponsors Love Island (Commercial)
  • MARSHALL (Commercial)
  • Maersk (Commercial)
  • Metro Bank (Commercial)
  • Project Retailer (Commercial)
  • Rolls Royce (Internet)
  • SAMSUNG (Corporate)
  • SHADOW & BONE (Television)
  • SUPERMAN & LOIS (Television)
  • Samsung (Commercial)
  • Sky Mobile – USER GENERATED CONTENT (Mobile Phone)
  • TAMPAX (Commercial)
  • THE WHEEL OF TIME (Television)
  • The Crown Season Four (Television)
  • The Grand Big Mac (Mcdonald’s) (Commercial)
  • Tom (Hollyoaks) (Television)
  • Tourism Australia x Singapore Airlines (Commercial)
  • UNISON ELECTION AD (Commercial)

Please note if you were suitable for the job we would have already submitted you for it.

As some of you have recently discovered you never know when Peter will call you for an opportunity – make sure his number is saved in your phones! Peter Head of Castings 07543743167

Good luck to all those who have been submitted this week we will let you know the moment we hear anything.

As your agent we can only work with the images and information you provide, the more images and information we can use and display the wider the demographic we can reach. It is still surprising to see some profiles with no Skills or Abilities added. We recently worked on a job where to 2 main facts they needed for the job were 1) Do they have a passport? – as the job was abroad & 2) Could they ride a bicycle? These are 2 very easy questions but without the answers to hand you could be missing out. Take a moment this week to look at TV commercials and REALLY LOOK at them. Ask yourself what are they doing in these adverts that I can do but i don’t show in my profile.

All the best James & Peter (Head of Casting)


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