Little Big Door

Badr B

Read Information:
  • Age:   14 years old
  • Playing Age:   10-13
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Male
  • Ethnicity:   Arab
  • Nationality:   Italian
  • Height:   4'7"
  • Weight:   43 kg
  • Chest Size:   28"
  • Bust Size:  
  • Waist Size:   31.10"
  • Hips:  
  • Leg Inseam:  
  • Collar:   12.2"
  • Shoe Size:   5.5 UK size
  • Dress:  
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Brown/Black
  • Hair Length:  
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   Neutral
  • Performance Accent:   British, Italian
  • Language Spoken:   Arabic, English, Italian
  • ID & Licenses:   Valid Passport
  • Available for:   Work with Animals
  • Family Profiles:  


Industry Fields of Interest

Acting, All forms of modelling, Film & TV Extra, Runway, TV commercials & corporate, Voice Over, Walk on Roles,

– Running
– Riding a bike
– Playing football
– Playing cards
– Photography
– Multilingual

About Me:

Badr is a calm, easy-going, shy child. He is extremely polite and respectful, so he is very easy to deal with. Badr is also a good listener as he would rather listen to people than force his own mind on others.
Regarding his interests, he is really into sports, fashion, and photography. He plays football regularly with his friends at school and in the park. He also loves spending solo time on his phone and playing video games as any other child.


– Portsmouth academy


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