Dorothy Godier

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  • Age:   0 years old
  • Playing Age:  
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Female
  • Ethnicity:  
  • Nationality:  
  • Height:   5'3"
  • Weight:  
  • Chest Size:  
  • Bust Size:  
  • Waist Size:  
  • Hips:  
  • Leg Inseam:  
  • Collar:  
  • Shoe Size:  
  • Dress:  
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Black
  • Hair Length:  
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   Kenyan
  • Performance Accent:   French, Kenyan
  • Language Spoken:  
  • ID & Licenses:  
  • Available for:  
  • Family Profiles:  




I am resilient, positive about life, happy woman, passionate about healthy eating, fitness, sea food and dance. I love dancing to Afro-beats and traditional cultural dances. I am authentic. It’s the only way one can be themselves and retain their own identity so yes, I value authenticity a lot. I’m multilingual and speak my native languages of Kenya – Swahili and two other tribal dialects – but my biggest achievement was living in France and being able to learn French. I taught French to young children between the ages of 0-12 here in UK between 2013 – 2016. I enjoy helping people and I volunteered with serving the homeless food in our church and was also involved in the awareness campaign for cancer research UK. My great passions for this industry are photographic modelling, and dance, and I would also like to try commercial work for advertisements. I have three children who encourage me to pursue my passions.


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