• Name:   Nathan Junior
  • Gender:   Male
  • I am:   9
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   140cm/4ft 7inch
  • Chest Size:   27.0
  • Waist Size:   26.0
  • Hair Colour / Type:   Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Native Accent:   English
  • Performance Accent:   English, English cockney, American, Jamaican
  • UK Shoe Size:   Child 3.5
  • ID & Licenses:   VALID PASSPORT
  • Available for:   Travel abroad for work:, Work on Cruise Ships or Holiday Resorts, Work with Animals, Work for commercials promoting alcohol or gambling, and Family members willing to take part if casting directors seeking real families for commercials
  • Tags:   Acting, Dance, Extra, Film & TV, Modelling, Music Video, Theatre

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Skills & Abilities: Boxing, Health & Fitness, Street Dancing, Football, Curling, School Choir, Gaming, Performing Arts, Nature and Reading

Industry Fields of Interest: Film & TV, Acting, Extra, Walk-On roles, Music Videos, YouTube, Advertising & Promoting, Commercial, Fashion, Sports & Fitness Modelling

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