• Name:   Nils Klermund
  • Age:   19
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   193cm/6ft 4inch
  • Chest Size:   38.9
  • Waist Size:   31.0
  • Hair Colour / Type:   Brown
  • Eye Colour:   Green

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My name is Nils Klermund and I am 19 years old and currently living in Bury St Edmunds. I am trilingual, writing, reading and speaking fluently all three of them: French, German and English. I grew up in a lot of different countries including Germany, America, Great Britain. I have also been to places like Spain, Greece, Cyprus, France, Scotland, Holland an countless others. I am currently trying to make it as a professional tennis player and to make a living I am coaching at the best tennis school in the UK. I am an athlete which means that by definition I am proficient in a lot of different sports like:running swimming, cycling, Football, handball, table tennis, badminton, skiing etc. this just means that over the years I have acquired different talents as an athlete. In Austria in my school I was in the drama club and I do impressions and imitate people. I am an avid reader and enjoy reading literature in different languages. I am a peoples person which means in almost any environment I can adapt and be part of the group. I am a very determined person very focused on reaching all my goals and as an athlete I am fast learner and always trying to improve and get better.

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