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Welcome to “Little Big Door Productions Presents Tell me a Story” part of the Get Involved Initiative. First let us thank you for all those getting involved so far and for those yet to get involved come on what are you waiting for?! Now I will be starting a random story on Instagram and what we would like you to do is give us the next part of the story – its that simple.
Rules are

  1. Must be 30 seconds long only, anything over will not be used.
  2. Must keep it suitable for all age groups so NO adult content.
  3. Keep it light-hearted and amusing.
  4. Must be registered to Little Big Door agency.
  5. Send your recording using the WhatsApp app to 07432159115 with your full Name

Once we have selected the next part of the story we will post on Instagram and then you can repeat the process for the next part! Once we feel that the story should close we will advise you for an ending and we will run the whole story with all the clients involved on the website.
Remember you are a creative so let’s create together we need to keep our creative minds active and get to know each other better. This lock down is not going to last forever but you will feel the benefits from getting involved.

Send your 30 second recording to James’s WhatsApp 07432159115 along with you full name for credits.

Let us keep our Doors open so you have to stay home, stay safe.

Lets all enjoy
James, Peter and the Little Big Door Team

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