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Mackenzie Lafferty

I signed up to this agency more than a year ago and due to unforeseen circumstances i have been unable to do anything within this industry, today i messaged about starting back up and less than five minutes later james is already on the phone giving me guidance on how to get started. This is one of the friendliest, career driven agencies out there with great response time, amazing opportunities and guidance, if your looking to start somewhere id start here!

Ellis Holmden

The team at Little Big Door have been so helpful to me! As a recent graduate from an Acting course, with very little understanding of how the actual industry itself works, Little Big Door have asked me all the right questions and given me all the honest answers about what I need to do to get the right jobs. They've made me feel like I'm supported and not just another random guy, and I honestly don't know how I'd have the confidence and knowledge of what I need to do to succeed if it wasn't for them. Lots of agencies care about making money, but Little Big Door care about you.

Edward Lawton

I work with these guys and all I have to say is James,Peter and the team go out of their way for me! always updating me and chatting on the phone even if there’s no work they explain what they are doing for me behind the scenes. If you want your agent to work hard for you give them the same respect you command it works wonders. Please remember they can only work with the tools they have so make sure you give them the best pictures etc,they can only put you forward for jobs nothing is guaranteed in this industry your face either fits or it doesn’t quite simple really.


As my first job with Littlebigdoor was tetleys it was an amazing experience and I thank them so much for getting me that job they was littlebigdoor was always happy to help me if I needed anything such a amazing agency and I now feel great that I have worked with a amazing branded advert and I hope to have a lot more in the future I love everything about the industry. littlebigdoor gets a 10/10 from me Freddie McGowan.

BrunoFelix Coppein

As a new comer into the industry I can’t praise the helping hand that Littlebigdoor was in getting the role on Taskmasters. It would have really never been possible for me alone to even have herd of the job! Thanks again guys can’t wait for the next one!

Sunita Thind

A brilliant agency, that gets me lots of work opportunities and advice! Could not thank them enough ☺️ great staff, very supportive, giving me invaluable advice to advance my career.

Hin Lok Woo

Good evening everyone I really like the staff atmosphere and efficiency of this company. First of all, I would like to thank Tamim, james and lilly who helped me because I am not familiar with and understand the local culture, language and communication, but they are not only very patient. The attitude to answer my questions is also very good. This makes me have a very good impression of this company, especially James. He called me to explain my problem. When I knew he was the boss, I was very shocked. James not only didn’t have the boss’s tone and attitude. It is also very good and helped me solve many problems! I think the boss of a company can do this personally for this company. It will not be worse. At least so far, I have not seen any boss of a manager company do this. This shocked me and made me feel about this. The company is full of confidence By zero

Zoe read

Well what can I say about this fabulous company? Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to James. Not only does he have the most Amazing personality, gives the best advice, is so supportive and is just an all round angel to me! The confidence and drive he gives me is unreal and I am forever grateful. I am very much looking forward to creating your mega idea with "the coke can" Everyone at this agency is so helpful and supportive, if I were to give any advice on choosing an agency it would hands down be these guys. If it wasn't for this agency I wouldn't have the faith in myself to do this at all. Thank you all for being the best cheerleaders and a 12/10 agency!


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