Little Big Door's Get Involved Initiative

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Welcome to little big Door’s Get Involved Initiative where our clients have been asked to send in a self tape of themselves to share with you all. This can be absolutely anything of their choosing from singing, dancing, acting or simply doing something random and silly with the main focus on helping to lighten the mood while we are all experiencing the isolation blues. If these tapes make at least one persons day a little brighter with a smile then it’s been all worth while! Our clients will also be learning while they are doing this to practice being in front of a camera, making sure the sound and image is right, seeing what looks good and what should be deleted never to see the light of day! Remember there is no right or wrong way to perform on your self tape just be yourself, keep it positive and above all have fun while your doing it.

  • Send your clip to using and try to keep to max of 2 minutes.
  • Write your full name in the message section so we can tell who you are.

    Let us keep our Doors open so you have to stay home, stay safe.

Lets all enjoy
James, Peter and the Little Big Door Team

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