Hannah Ahle

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Read Information:
  • Age:   37 years old
  • Playing Age:   25-40
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Female
  • Ethnicity:   Arab
  • Nationality:   British
  • Height:   5'6"
  • Weight:   63 kg
  • Chest Size:  
  • Bust Size:   30G
  • Waist Size:   29"
  • Hips:   39"
  • Leg Inseam:  
  • Collar:  
  • Shoe Size:   5
  • Dress:   10
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Brown/Black
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   Mancunian
  • Performance Accent:   Mancunian
  • Language Spoken:   English
  • ID & Licenses:   Valid Driver’s Licence, Own Vehicle, Valid Passport
  • Available for:   Travel abroad for work, Work with Animals
  • Family Profiles:  


Industry Fields of Interest


Acting, Advertising & Promotional, All forms of modelling, Editorial, Film & TV Extra, Music Videos, Presenting, Print Work, TV commercials & corporate, Voice Over, Walk on Roles,

– Running
– Fell running
– Cycling
– Reciting poetry
– Illustrator
– Yoga

About Me:

I am a performance poet, illustrator and project manager from Manchester, UK. I recently left the NHS after 14 years where I was a quality improvement and transformational change manager. I have been writing and drawing since I was a child and greater momentum on my creativity during covid led to greater interest in my work and me to fully pursue my passions. I started performing to live audiences and went on my first tour at Christmas time last year. I’m planning my first solo bookshop tour towards the end of this year. I am a humanitarian at heart and my poetry touches on the human spirit and various aspects of the human condition. I am finishing my first poetry collection and have recently set up a publishing company to support that and with a view to publish other artists work in the future. I am looking to expand my skills into modelling and acting and voiceover work to develop a multidisciplinary portfolio and take my poetry stage performances to different dimensions.
I am Palestinian in heritage. I am a runner and enjoy fell running, track and marathon running and also hiking and walks by the river near my home. I also like to cycle long distances on my road bike and have done many long cycles for charity. I love being out in nature to recharge. I have completed 3 marathons. I am a member of a running club in Manchester where I live. I am also a qualified fitness instructor and reiki practitioner and have a holistic approach to my training. I practice yoga and meditation as part of my daily self care. I enjoy travelling the world exploring indigenous lands and cultures and sampling food from all around the world. I love music and art I love to visit museums and galleries and go to live gigs all over the world too. I can also sing but have no formal training. I am open to producing a spoken word album in the future.
I feel passionate about body positivity and empowered by modelling underwear for DD+ brands as a way to give back for all the amazing bras and swimwear I’ve had over the last 20 or so years that made every outfit sit amazingly on me!
I am an animal lover and love to observe animals in their natural environment. I love the sea and find being by the water very healing.
I am good at DIY so am quite handy with jobs and like to upcycle furniture.


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