Jaiden B

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Read Information:
  • Age:   22 years old
  • Playing Age:   18-26
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Male
  • Ethnicity:   Indian
  • Nationality:   British
  • Height:   6'0"
  • Weight:   87 kg
  • Chest Size:   42"
  • Bust Size:  
  • Waist Size:   36"
  • Hips:  
  • Leg Inseam:   10-11
  • Collar:   17-18
  • Shoe Size:  
  • Dress:  
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Brown/Black
  • Hair Length:   Medium
  • Facial Hair:   Beard
  • Native Accent:   British
  • Performance Accent:   British
  • Language Spoken:   English, Malayalam
  • ID & Licenses:   DBS check, Valid Driver’s Licence, Own Vehicle, Valid Passport
  • Available for:   Travel abroad for work, Cruise Ships or Holiday Resorts (for entertainers), Work with Animals, Commercials promoting alcohol or gambling, Take part if casting directors seeking real families for commercials
  • Family Profiles:  


Industry Fields of Interest


Acting, Advertising & Promotional, All forms of modelling, Film & TV Extra, Presenting, Runway, TV commercials & corporate,

– Driving
– Street BMX riding
– Acoustic guitar playing
– Taekwondo
– MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training
– Calisthenics training
– Bilingual in English and Malayalam
– Currently learning Hindi

About Me:

I have always enjoyed being involved with the modelling and talent industry.

Qualities and Experiences:

  1. Multicultural Background: I was born in India and moved to the UK at a young age, giving me a diverse cultural perspective.
  2. Passionate about Science and Business: I have a deep interest in science and business, reflecting my broad intellectual curiosity.
  3. Commitment to Self-Development: I am dedicated to personal growth, actively seeking ways to improve myself and embrace new learning opportunities.
  4. Thrives on Challenges: I enjoy facing challenges and deliberately seek experiences that take me out of my comfort zone.
  5. Social and People-oriented: Being highly social, I love interacting with new people, engaging in conversations, and constantly learning from diverse perspectives.
  6. Fitness Enthusiast: I pursue callisthenics training in the gym, emphasizing my commitment to physical well-being.
  7. Martial Arts Practitioner: Martial arts is a hobby of mine, showcasing discipline and a dedication to mastering a specific skill set.
  8. Intellectual Pursuits: I enjoy reading books on growth and business, reflecting my commitment to intellectual development.
  9. Interest in Finance and Music: I am curious about finance, trading, and cryptocurrency. Additionally, I enjoy learning new songs on the guitar, showcasing diverse interests.


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