John O’Brien

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Read Information:
  • Age:   33 years old
  • Playing Age:   26-36
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Male
  • Ethnicity:   English - Irish - Caribbean
  • Nationality:   British
  • Height:   6'6"
  • Weight:   82 kg
  • Chest Size:   36"
  • Bust Size:  
  • Waist Size:   34"
  • Hips:   34"
  • Leg Inseam:   34"
  • Collar:   16"
  • Shoe Size:   12
  • Dress:  
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Brown/Black
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   Queens English
  • Performance Accent:   Street - Cockney
  • Language Spoken:   British
  • ID & Licenses:   Valid Driver’s Licence, Own Vehicle, Valid Passport
  • Available for:   Work with Animals, Commercials promoting alcohol or gambling, Take part if casting directors seeking real families for commercials
  • Family Profiles:  




– Performed school plays at a very young age
– Performed few DJ sets

Industry Fields of Interest


All form of Modelling, Corporate & Commercial, Print Work, Runway,

Im a carpenter by trade, very hands on person, I don’t mind getting dirty! While training at college I also took a multi-skills course which covered ‘Electrics, Plastering and Brick laying’. I can put my hand to most things. I specialise in ‘Events Production’. I managed an events workshop for 5 years growing it from a small industrial unit, into a two storie multi unit events production workshop im a very dedicated person in all things I set out too and im a grafter! Im very sporty and over the years I’ve taught myself – Downhill Mountain Biking, Inline skating, Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Motocross. At a younger age around 16-17 I was offered scholarships to play Tennis Cricket and Golf for Harpenden Town. I’ve always remained actively sporty. I can DJ and im also into music Production. Im quite creative and artistic. I can cook.. to degree, but I enjoy it.

About Me:

I’m a very hard worker dedicated to everything I set my mind too. I’m an all rounder and would like to think i’m very easy to work with. I’m able to listen to people and be directed yet also able to direct leadership myself. I love my job as a carpenter and when I do have time to myself enjoy making all kinds of quirky furniture. I like to keep fit outside of work, I run frequently and before Covid I joined a mixed martial arts training gym. My dog is my world, she comes to work with me daily she should be a model herself! she’s an absolute stunner, we’ve been on many long distance hikes around the country camping out in all the glorious weather Britain has to offer. I love the outdoors and love to travel.


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