Rosalee-Jean Tessler

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Read Information:
  • Age:   23 years old
  • Playing Age:   20-30
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Female
  • Ethnicity:   White
  • Nationality:   Scottish
  • Height:   5'11"
  • Weight:   67 kg
  • Chest Size:  
  • Bust Size:   35"
  • Waist Size:   27"
  • Hips:   28"
  • Leg Inseam:   26-27"
  • Collar:   6-8
  • Shoe Size:   10
  • Dress:   Small/Medium
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Hazel
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Grey/White
  • Hair Length:   Medium
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   Stirlinian / Invernesian (Scottish)
  • Performance Accent:   Scottish, English, American (General), Australian/South African, Texan
  • Language Spoken:   English, French (very rusty), German (rusty)
  • ID & Licenses:   DBS check, Valid Driver’s Licence, Own Vehicle
  • Available for:   Travel abroad for work, Cruise Ships or Holiday Resorts (for entertainers), Work with Animals, Commercials promoting alcohol or gambling
  • Family Profiles:  


Industry Fields of Interest


Acting, Advertising & Promotional, All forms of modelling, Editorial, Film & TV Extra, Music Videos, Presenting, Print Work, Reality TV, TV commercials & corporate, Voice Over, Walk on Roles,

Camera Operator/Director


– Camera Operator/Director – Private hire ski camera operator for Ski Season Highlights


– Surf – Rusty but useable
– Mountain Bike, Black runs and upward relatively easily
– Climbing – Up to Grade 7 Bouldering / 7b “big wall”
– Hiking
– Skiing – I can ski almost any line or race.
– 2d Hand-drawn Animation – Rusty but usable, just a hobby right now.
– Film editing – currently for private hire Ski Season highlights and the occasional YouTube video.
– Camera – operation in dangerous environments – Camera-Op whist Skiing, setting up shots and camera traps for specific performance points.
– Ski Coaching – I am about to achieve my Ski Performance and Coaching Level 1 award from BASI and am also working on the Sidecountry and Backcountry awards this winter season (2022-23 Season)

About Me:

I used to be a semi-pro Skier competing in European Championships, however, this was halted due to injury. I also enjoy Mountain biking, hiking and climbing as well as a little bodybuilding.
I no longer race professionally as I decided to pursue a transition from male to female due to physiological changes brought on by being Intersex.


– UHI Fort William – Adventure Performance and Coaching Undergrad Degree

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