Zia Gondouin

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Read Information:
  • Age:   16 years old
  • Playing Age:  
  • Location:   United Kingdom
  • Gender:   Female
  • Ethnicity:   Half fench/ half mixed race
  • Nationality:   British
  • Height:   5'3"
  • Weight:   44 kg
  • Chest Size:  
  • Bust Size:   29.5"
  • Waist Size:   23.5"
  • Hips:   31.5"
  • Leg Inseam:   29"
  • Collar:  
  • Shoe Size:   4 UK
  • Dress:   4/6
  • Natural Eye Colour:   Brown
  • Natural Hair Colour:   Brown/Black
  • Hair Length:   Shouler
  • Facial Hair:  
  • Native Accent:   English
  • Performance Accent:   English
  • Language Spoken:   English and some French
  • ID & Licenses:   Valid Passport
  • Available for:   Travel abroad for work, Work with Animals, Take part if casting directors seeking real families for commercials
  • Family Profiles:  




– Theatre

Industry Fields of Interest


Acting, Advertising & Promotional, All form of Modelling, Corporate & Commercial, Editorial, Film & TV Extra, Music Videos, Presenting, Print Work, Reality TV, Runway, Voice Over, Walk on Roles,

– Can ride a bike.
– Loves surfing mainly but enjoys water sports like paddle boarding.
– Swims for Swim Bournemouth regional team.
– Padi Seal qualification.
– Enjoys art and loves painting and drawing.
– Excellent t at baking and can cook.
– Good long distance runner.
– Done triathlon.
– Can ski really well and loves this sport.

About Me:

Hi I’m Zia, I love spending time with my friends. I love exploring and climbing mg trees. I am very active and love sport especially swimming. I absolutely love P.E. because we are always trying new sports. I am not much of a runner but am decent and sprints 100m I think. I love rounders as well. My favourite genres of movie is action thriller and horror. Halloween is my favourite time of year. My favourite subjects at school are drama art and P.E.


– 6 years of tap and jazz dancing and six months of ballet

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